Omnixie Ultra with R|Z568M | Omnixie Ultra 智能Wifi辉光钟


R|Z568M辉光管直径53mm,高度125mm,Omnixie Ultra辉光钟底座长560mm,宽140mm,厚度15mm,所有功能与之前的Omnixie和Omnixie Plus完全一致,包括Wifi自动校时、手机控制、四国语音报时、自动亮度调节等等。底座是采用铝合金CNC一体成型,面版采用3mm岩板水刀切割而成,整体外观无任何螺丝,简洁大气。供电采用USB-C接口,支持PD和QC快充。

目前两台Omnixie Ultra已经组装完毕,摆放在了客厅的条几上和茶室的茶桌上,我们一睹为快:

Finally, I found some time to design and assemble an Omnixie Ultra with Dalibor’s R|Z568M tubes. Aluminum CNC base with new designed power supply, total thickness 15mm, USB-C powered, all direct drive with different anode resistors following R|Z568M instruction, NTP date and time sync, function settings can be performed via mobile phone or laptop. Have been looking forward to having it in my home since I moved into new house.

This time I made two sets, one with a silver base and one with a black base, and I plan to put them in the living room and the tea room, it will be the shining star in my rooms.

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