NCH8200HV辉光管高压升压模块 | Nixie Power Supply

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A big thanks to Kevin, a Software Engineer at Microsoft, for his professional and detailed review. He did a great job making a nixie clock of his own, using my NCH6100HV as the high voltage module.

以下引用自他的文章 (原文链接“If you are looking for a good off-the-shelf power supply, YanZeyuan’s NCH6100HV is a pretty good choice. As a word of warning, don’t get the cheaper knockoffs as they use inferior components. The fake one I got was capable of sourcing ~200V but could only source 8mA compared to the 40mA from the NCH6100HV. The NCH8200HV is also a good choice if you are looking for a smaller high efficiency (86% @ 17mm × 18mm!) power supply.”

译文:如果你需要一款(辉光管)的电源,严泽远的NCH6100HV是个非常好的选择。不过需要注意,不要买市面上的假货。我买过的假货可以提供~200V的电压,但是只能提供8mA的电流,而严泽远的NCH6100HV可以提供40mA电流!如果你正在寻找体积更小、效率更高的辉光管高压电源,NCH8200HV也是一个很好的选择,他可以做到高达86%的转换效率,体积只有17mm x 18mm。

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原文 | The original article:


With more and more friends know the Nixie tube, many enthusiasts have begun to try to design their own Nixie clocks, no matter how the function and apperance changes, if you want to make this endangered old device glow, you need  a high voltage power supply.
Now, the DC-DC boost converter is no longer a problem, whether it’s well-known MC34063A booster or the traditional NE555 booster circuit, all can easily to drive Nixie tubes. But in order to meet more creative requirements, smaller size, lower input voltage, more load capacity and higher efficiency has become the goal we have pursued. This time, after the NCH6100HV boost module, I packaged a new high-voltage DC-DC boost converter again, but this time it’s smaller, lower input voltage (easily to power it with lithium battery), the load capacity is stronger and efficiency is higher, it’s the NCH8200HV Nixie power supply.


The NCH8200HV Nixie power supply is a new high-efficiency DC-DC converter designed for Nixie tubes, the input voltage range is 2.5-15v and the output voltage is 170v, it’s especially suitable for lithium battery or USB power supply, it’s compact, high efficiency, low heat, easy to use, and the pin pitch compatible 2.54mm bread board. Check pictures first:


Drive capacity: (The picture shows a 250mAh lithium battery drive 10pcs IN-12 Nixie tubes, anode voltage 170v, anode resisters are 20KΩ)


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